Friday, September 12, 2014

Spoil Boy Gorilla

This is the Gorilla from my short film “Spoil Boy”. In the story he is thrown from a truck going to the zoo. His crate lands and breaks open right in front of a our frustrated main character. Spoil Boy sees this as an opportunity to finally impress his friends. He lassos the cute fuzzy primate and drags him back to his house. There he keeps him in a crate only big enough to house the animals body taking the creature out just to “train” him. Seeing no light and only eating he eventually becomes what you see here. Spoil Boy impresses everyone around and procures many a friend. But it comes… at a cost…. The close up render was made using only Maya (Mental Ray) and After Effects. No photoshop. Textures were created in Zbrush.


Aleksi Revonkorpi said...

Saw this one in 3dTotal and had to come here to check your work. GREAT WORKS INDEED ;)
Especially that Spoil Boy with all those old packages – lots of detail going there.

Any relations to Finland?? Your surname is very "Finnish".
See I'm from Finland and thought you might be Finnish... And I also thought that these are nice works from Finn...but obviously no :)

vweezly said...

Thanks! And yes you are correct. My father is 100% Finn :D

Aleksi Revonkorpi said...

Kiva kuulla!

Mahtavia töitä "melkein suomalaiselta". Kerro isällesi terveisiä Suomesta (= give my greetings from Finland to your father)

You can check out some of my works from here: (all these are done by me)
I'm an entrepreneur here in Finland and I really really wish that the 3D scene here would rise up to a new level since there's not too many that can do killer concepts. You really have one going on! Keep up the good work!